The huge titles in the library of the application are the primary reason for this error to occur. Under the Processes tab, go through the Networks column to find apps with high network usage. If you find any apps are using significantly high network bandwidth, then right-click on the same and click on End task. If you have a lot of background apps running in the background, you might want to disable them temporarily or permanently. Even if you have one of the best antivirus apps for your PC, it can still slow down Steam downloads. First, head over to SteamDownload Stats.From this interactive map, you will be able to check average download rates and global traffic percentage.

  • Users could use a workable keyboard, press “Windows Key” and “I” or just find setting icon in start menu to open “Windows Settings” menu.
  • Your computer’s firewall and antivirus running in the background are going to intermittently scan packets when they are received from a central game server.
  • Having to wait for prolonged periods for the game to download is, on the other hand, a real dampener.

In this case, most players aren’t experiencing any side effects such as packet loss or lag. Please let us know in the comments which of the tips or methods worked for you to reduce ping speed in online games for you. As basic this process may sound, sometimes restarting your router does work.

Fix For The Problem Usb Ports Not Working In Windows 10:

This is because the data transmission rate through a wire is always going to be more. Furthermore, most Wi-Fi routers prioritize traffic through wired connections first. However, since most people don’t play competitive games, ISPs assign default routes to them. This results in a signal having to jump between extra nodes before reaching its destination, which increases the time taken to reach the server and thus the latency. If you’re streaming videos or browsing the internet, these extra few steps aren’t even noticeable. In order to turn on QoS, open up your router app on your smartphone, and enable QoS.

Step 2: Use Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

However, recently a large number of users reported that the external keyboard is not working after they have upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. If you are also the one who is facing an irritating situation where the keyboard doesn’t work or some of the keys are not responsive, then you have arrived at the right place. Mark Run this program in compatibility mode checked up, and select your earlier Windows version. If not, you’ll want to download the current available version and install it in the Compatibility Mode. If you’re lucky enough, download and install it straightaway, and the problem will go away.

Updated graphics card driver plays important role to improve the performances of graphics and game in your Windows computer. So, graphics card driver update is necessary in this case. Here, you will be guided with easy steps/methods to resolve the issue. After you create a new Windows account, you can try playing Minecraft with that account and check to see if the exit code 1 error still occurs. Missing Java JRE environment – Most people believe that Minecraft requires the Java JDK environment install in order to run. While this is true, certain mods will also require you to install the latest JRE environment version. If where is the witcher 3 exe you’re attempting to launch a modified Minecraft version, this could be the reason why you’re seeing the error code.